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Who is Nanda Cables?

Nanda Cables (Shanghai Nanda Group Co., Ltd), is an ISO 9001-2000 certified cable designer, manufacturer and an exporter specializing in cable and wire products worldwide. Nanda was founded in 1992, with 4 production bases located separately in Shanghai, zhejiang, Beijing, Anhui to meet the increasing demand of new and high quality cable products. Nanda began its international performance in 2002, close came on the heels of China participating WTO, thus Nanda got rich experience in manufacture cables of different nations and doing business with various countries during the past years. Nanda know well of IEC, AS/NZS, BS, DIN VDE, NF C, UNE, CEI, KEMA, UL, SANS, IS, etc. Based on knowledge of standards, together with our quality control, considerate service, process management, professional team, Nanda has developed many satisfactory business relations with customers worldwide.



What products Nanda supplies?

Nanda supplies a broad range of cable products including Low/Medium/High Voltage Power cable, Control cable, Electrical/Building wire & cable, Fire resistant cable, Low Smoke Halogen Free cable, Aerial cable, Railway cable, Mining cable, Welding cable, Variable speed drive(VSD) cable, Instrumentation cable, Solar cable, contributing to many industries such as Electrical, Energy, Building construction, Fire system, Railways, Petroleum, Aerospace, Steel, Bridge and Airport, Home security systems, and Household appliances. We also provide OEM service, the printing, label, drum are designed as per customers’ requirements.


Why Nanda Cables?

1. Lifeblood of business: quality and price
As it’s known to all, Chinese products are cheap. It saves your cost for sourcing compared to other countries. Nanda obviously has Chinese typical attractive pricing compared to other countries. Apart from this background, we lower the price even more, we made the principle “earn less, sell more”, It’s not just price war to occupy the market, but a strategy to outline our job: Based on quality, we offer the best price to bring more profit margin for our partners. The global market is so huge that no one can do it along, so we count on partners worldwide. However we never lower the quality, Nanda attaches more importance on products and service in order to be an international supplier who acts in line with your national standards and practice instead of domestic practice and operations. What we pursue is to ensure our clients trust our cables and service, a good reputation is sustained motivation to make an enterprise go farther. ”I’ve purchased cables from Nanda for years, and they rarely bring troubles for us, price also matches its quality”. This is the primary goal Nanda pursuits.

2. Rich experience in Australian and New Zealand, Europe markets
We have rich knowledge and experience in most developed countries, on one hand these knowledge and experience raised our integral level in Cable market worldwide; on the other hand, Nanda easily understand what customers need, usually a simple and brief information is enough for us to figure out all details.

3.Large product scope like a ONE-STOP shop to meet various demands
With various demands on cables, we’re keeping expanding our own products range, on one hand we purchased new production and testing equipments, even bought more lands from government; on the other hand we also selected some manufacturers in China as our support to expand our products scope to meet various demands of cables. We try our best to achieve that you could purchase various cables directly from us instead of contacting different suppliers, especially new suppliers you are not familiar to, this save much trouble for customers. Partner selection strictly follows the procedures: on-site investigation, production observation, technical exchange, price negotiation, meanwhile we act as a guide to lead our partners to the correct way based on our rich experience..

4. Being a competent supporter instead of trouble-maker
1) Nanda introduced advanced Production lines from Germany, Finland and USA, Taiwan, all of which we have put in is to improve precision (thickness and shape of cable) and efficiency (manufacture time) so that cables coming out of Nanda is the first-class cables.
2) The quality of Nanda products is ensured by strict monitoring of every stage associated with the production cycle from procurement of raw materials to the delivery of final cables.
3) We have a powerful R&D department in Shanghai Nanda which has a great store of cable knowledge and experience, we view it as the brain of Nanda, they can study and translate all products and standards from different countries to make sure the cable we manufacture is exact what our customers need, as similar with your local products as possible. We also inject money and technical force in cable design and improvement. Only Shanghai technical department has the right to issue datasheets shared by both Shanghai and Zhejiang production bases to guarantee the cables coming from Shanghai Nanda and Zhejiang Nanda are the same quanlity.
4) Nanda has already overcome the below mistakes or incorrect operation via rich experience and Procedure Control Reform.
--incorrect/impure color of insulation and jacket
--incorrect/blurred printings and label
--inferior quality materials for insulation and sheath
--packing with loose/weak drum/cardboard, easy to get break
--conductor oxidation
--scratch on sheath caused by bad packing
--terrible bond between conductor and insulation or between insulation and sheath
--details operated in accordance with domestic practice instead of customers’ local practice

5. Dealing with customer complaints
It’s not the last step when our cables are delivered to you, we’re always prepared to receive your feedback upon receiving our cables, please feel free to contact us if you find any defective or discrepancy of our products, packing, label, transportation. We will move fast to try to find out the reason and provide a solution, also compensate your loss if the problems are caused by us.

6.Stocking up cable for regular customers
We reserve some areas in warehouse to stock regular cables from our regular clients in case of customers’ urgent demand, we can affect delivery immediately. This convenience is only based on long-term business relation, because we know these cables will be required sooner or later and won’t take risk preparing stock for new customers. Hope you would understand our position.


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